Signs of emotionally unavailable men and how to deal with them

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It is very important to know emotionally unavailable men. Dating problems often arise because they don’t know how to deal with these men, and women are often mistaken in believing that they have what it takes to transform such a man into someone who will love and love—them with all my heart. … unavailable is different from merely unavailable. An inaccessible man is not interested in entering a serious relationship and completely excludes dating. On the other hand, an emotionally unavailable man plays on the field but acts as if he does not belong to the team. You will meet an emotionally unavailable man who often conflicts in relationships, sometimes even maintains an unclear but tangible relationship with two or more women at the same time. Here are some ways to identify emotionally unavailable men:

He doesn’t know what he wants.

Emotionally unavailable men usually don’t know what they want and often take women with whom they have sex for granted. It’s wise not to enter into this kind of relationship with men – after all, even if he leaves the other woman and returns to you, what’s the guarantee that he won’t do the same to you on the line? An emotionally unavailable man is never left alone with meaningless, short-lived relationships, despite his supposed “devotion” to them. When it comes to this relationship, it’s never a serious decision to check the field and not be connected. Don’t be fooled when he says something like “leave the options open” because that just means you don’t want to be with one person. There will be no consistent trend in their personalities and perhaps even in their appearance. He has no idea what drives a woman; therefore, she will not know what is good for him, even in front of him.

An emotionally unavailable man cannot be convinced to change.

.This is the mistake most women make when meeting this man. Try to convince him that they must remain faithful to him. It’s not hard to understand at all. If you are interesting to him, you will not need to try to convince him at all. He may even be convincing because he knows that you are the right fit for him. The more you be attentive to him, the more he will think that there is nothing wrong with that. Finding a strong relation to an emotionally unavailable man will only prepare you for a world of pain and frustration.

It’s always about them.

The sign that precedes emotionally unavailable men is their constant attitude of “I” – they always talked about themselves, their achievements and their problems, leaving you with no opportunity to express yourself. They just show that they are too tired of each other and that there is no room for a relationship or any kind of emotional attachment – they usually want someone to brag.

Usually, they mentioned their old relationship, perhaps the last one, about their regrets and what they could have done wrong. The smart one will tell you “even if” – it just proves that they are still stuck to their old love and, perhaps, they are only using you as a reflection, or worse, to create jealousy. They are consciously or unknowingly showing signs that they are still detached from their previous relationship, so it would be good to pay attention to their actions.

Many unavailable men cheat or find ways to remain emotionally distant at all times. Some people never feel comfortable approaching, even if they trust you. This is because intimacy is so alien to them, it is uncomfortable to the point of annoyance, and they just prefer to do what seems more natural to them.

Tips on how to handle emotionally unavailable men n?

Above all, and perhaps most importantly, keep your distance from each other. You can take your mind off this by focusing on another, perhaps forgotten, aspect of your life. Do you think you have gained a little weight? Sit in the gym or do yoga. You dumbass? Read a book. Boring? Refrain from old friends and meet new ones. In short, do your best to convince yourself that trying to get it back won’t help.

Ironically, this distance will give meaning to this emotionally unavailable person. When he feels the void in his life that you have filled, he will be forced to leave his comfort zone. This will make him pause and maybe even force him to reconsider his relationship with you. But don’t get your hopes up – the ball is on his side now. It depends on him where he will shoot next.

After all, it is best to catch early signals from an emotionally unavailable person. If he meets other women at the same time, he understands the clue – this means that he is unhappy that there is only one partner in his life. Don’t be fooled into thinking his surrender will be a walk in the park for him – instead, remember that your absence, not your presence, will affect him the most.

. One mistake women make when dealing with such men is to calm down or give them too many chances, assuming they will change over time. Who said he wouldn’t do it? But you wouldn’t want to be left out. They may change, but that doesn’t mean you are the person they ultimately want to be with. Take the easy route and leave the relationship as long as possible. You gave him all the right signals, and he didn’t take control. You cannot force a person who is not prepared to love you.

It would be your biggest mistake to change a man who doesn’t want to be changed. After you notice that you are with an emotionally unavailable man, do you think that this is all meant for him, or is there someone more suitable for you? Attempts to change this will only make matters worse.

Whatever your reason, it is not advisable to take these men seriously. The problem is that relationships are often too good to break up, but too bad to stay. You are stuck. Either way, you feel pain.

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